Refund and Money Back Guarantee Policy

Keeping the HostJin experience at its highest is our top priority. This requires making sure every customer request needs to be fulfilled. So if there is any reason you want to leave HostJin within the first 15 days we will honor your request and refund the money you invested.

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is the period in days after signup when users can get back 100% of all their recurrent fees for all resources they’ve used if they decide to cancel HostJin hosting services. Please note that there are certain exceptions to this for some products (i.e. domains) and some conditions associated with it.

For full details on HostJin's 15 Day Money Back Guarantee, please review our Terms and Conditions. It contains the complete details related to our money back guarantee and other policies.


To cancel your account you must request it by emailing [email protected] with the subject, “Account Cancellation”. Please include a reason why you no longer want to host with HostJin. After we receive your cancellation request and reason for leaving we will cancel your account.

If your account is cancelled fifteen (15) days before your recurring monthly billing date, you will not be billed for the next month and all payments thereafter will be cancelled with immediate effect.

As stated above, please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions for complete details regarding HostJin's refund policies.